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Bringing Hope and Changing the World
through the hearts of children.
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Teaching and Training, providing resources for opportunities to learn and grow both to children and teachers.



Providing Healthcare and meeting the basic medical needs of children and families.


Serving meals that are a great source of nutritional values and aid in the improvement of children's health and focus.



Sharing the Good News of The Gospel to lead people to become disciples of Christ and serve their neighbor. 

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Honduras while caring for the most vulnerable of society.

Point Honduras is a non-profit working since 2006 in four of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa. We are focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by caring for society's most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our children's programs are designed to meet our students' daily physical, spiritual, educational, emotional, and social needs. Each weekday, Point Honduras has 700 children who come to our centers where they receive a hot meal, are educated, and taught the gospel in a loving and nurturing environment.

Point Honduras has 3 medical clinics that help decrease the health disparity in the neighborhoods where we work. We also seek to optimize spiritual growth by providing sustained care to its communities through pastors and churches at each center. The Point church in the neighborhood of San Juan is continually growing. They share a Christ-centered Gospel, and they equip and guide believers to a growing faith. Point Honduras exists to support, empower, and strengthen Hondurans with the Word of God through Christ's love. Point Honduras advances in its mission primarily through the support of private donors.

It is difficult finding a mission to support that you are confident uses your donation appropriately and is more than a temporary, drop-in effort.

Since 2006, Point Honduras is uniquely positioned with 4 locations. We have the infrastructure to effect real change in Tegucigalpa, the capital of the country in the center of Central America.

1.  Sponsor a Child

For $45 you, your church or VBS can sponsor a child!

  • We have over 500 children that need a sponsor

  • Your sponsorship includes a daily meal & medical care

2.  Visit Us

Here's how you can serve with us in Honduras

  • Small groups (get your friends to go with you)

  • Church groups

  • Medical teams

  • Current/Future Donor 3-4 Day visits

3.  Pray

Sign up below to receive email updates on how to pray for:

  • Our Staff

  • Our Students

  • Gospel Transformation

4.  Give

Donate to help provide for the children in Point Honduras programs.

  • Our full-time, native Honduran staff is impacting the children and families in Tegu for generations to come because of people like you.

We can't do this without you!



The more supporters we have,
the greater the impact of this mission.
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