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Executive Director

Dr. Iván Laínez

Point Honduras is led by Dr. Ivan Lainez. 
Dr. Ivan grew up in a neighborhood similar to those where Point is working. Dr. Ivan's family was a member of a church that received missionary teams. 

Throughout the years his family home was where teams had gatherings and he was able to build relationships with team members that inspired him. He was inspired by their genuine love, generosity, compassion and the impact their work had. Through these experiences he became aware of the needs of others,

to care for others, and to share with others. These memories motivated him to study medicine and become a doctor to serve others. In fact his first stethoscope was gifted to him by a team doctor that was very dear to him.  2010, while working with the HIV-AIDS population, he was contacted by the previous director of Point to test and find out more about a little baby whose mother was an HIV/AIDS patient and had come to Point looking for help. 

By following up on the child, he was able to learn more about the Foundation and the programs. He was touched by the work as he remembered his childhood and gave a couple of ideas to the former director, who benefited from them. This opened the way for Dr. Ivan to start working at Point.
From 2010 to 2012 he worked as project coordinator and general manager of Point. At the end of 2012, he returned to his job as a doctor in a private clinic, but in 2014, he was asked to return to PointHonduras in the Executive Director position. It was at this time he felt called to leave the medical field and go into full-time ministry.

Under his leadership, Point now serves 800 children who attend our centers from Monday to Friday, opened a third medical clinic in San Juan where 30 patients are seen daily, began the kindergarten program in 2 of our centers, and has established core partnerships with neighborhood schools and other organizations to ensure every aspect of Point Honduras is functioning properly.
Dr. Ivan is passionate about serving the Lord through Point with excellence, compassion, integrity, and determination. 
He and his wife Ana have been happily married for 18 years. Together they have a bright and handsome son, Diego.


Our Staff


At Point Honduras, our diverse team comprises teachers, pastors, cooks, and cleaners—all deeply committed to community empowerment. Our teachers conduct home visits, pastors preach the Gospel, and every member plays a vital role in fostering positive change within local neighborhoods. We're grateful for their dedication to nurturing children through the lens of the Gospel.

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