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For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36

When we look at the needs around us, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet, at POINT, we know we are called to be more than spectators. That is why we are constantly seeking and creating opportunities to serve others because we know each of us has God-given talents that we must put to his service. We are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to meet and surround ourselves with like-minded people and organizations that have graciously joined us in our efforts. Not for our self-service or our glory but for His glory, Kingdom, and purpose. It is with much joy that today, we share our latest updates.


POINT Honduras recognizes that living in a proper and safe home plays a significant role in determining the well-being and quality of life. Having a safe place gives families greater confidence to build their future. That is why one of the projects we enjoy working on is home construction. Giving families the opportunity to have a proper house they could only dream of is truly a lifetime gift.

Last year, thanks to our friend and supporter, David Erber,we connected with the organization Pillars With Purpose. Pillars with Purpose is the philanthropic arm of Upstream Rehabilitation, the company where David works. Pillars raises funds through various means, all of which are accessible through grant requests. They have six different charitable funds, each with its own point of focus. Through the Fund for International and Domestic Missions, Pillars granted funds to build the house for the Ortiz Family last year and this year they granted for the Guardado Family.

We are very thankful for the trust Pillars has given to POINT Honduras and the opportunity to grant dreams. Families are being changed because of their generosity. Watch our video below to experience such a joyous occasion!

Part of the second grant request to Pillars included David's commitment of raising a matching donation to build a third home. The Lord allowed for the donation to be raised, and we are so happy to share that construction has started.

The house will belong to the Santos Family from the Feb. 21 neighborhood.


You may be wondering who Rachel is. That was our question when Reed and Ryan from Wells Fargo contacted us. Reed is a Junior in High School. For his Eagle Patch in the Boy Scouts, he was doing a project that would allow students to access educational assistance on a tablet without being connected to the internet or wifi. The portable system that enables access to the information is called "RACHEL" which stands for Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning.

Our center in the neighborhood of Feb. 21 was the perfect location for his project. He was able to donate 15 chrome tablets and the portable device Rachel. The Rachel will allow our students to connect without the internet to sites such as Khan Academy, download science textbooks and work on activities that will help improve their learning. We are very excited about the possibilities.

We are incredibly thankful for Reed, his father Ryan, Zoe, Pastor Jonas, and their church, Bethel Church, for their dedication and service with us. We are glad that God brought us together.


Now that Helton and Marvin have reached the age limit permitted by the Honduran government to live in a children's home, they have transitioned into independent living. Both young men are finishing their college degrees. Helton will be graduating with a degree in website building and networks, and Marvin in Call center operations. We are very happy with all they have accomplished and will be greatly missed in our home but we know the Lord has great plans ahead of them. Please keep them in your prayers as they start this new journey.


Our wonderful friends from Harvest Church in Memphis, TN are sending a team of eleven men to serve with us. They will be arriving on Sunday and will stay for a week. They will be leading a men's conference and helping with construction for the Santos family, we are so excited! Please keep them in your prayers.

Just a couple of weeks ago our wonderful friends from Rossville Christian Academy joined our efforts. They launched a campaign to help us raise funds for our meal program. How awesome is that? Thank you Rossville for serving with us!

For the past 5 years POINT has provided opportunities for Faculty from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) Department of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Surgery to travel to Tegucigalpa and surrounding regions to help meet the unmet needs of those needing surgery.

We are blessed that a team with a multidisciplinary approach has the desire to have a formal visit to formalize this relationship into a partnership. Please keep their plans in your prayers and for all their future efforts to help better the health of Honduran citizens. We are so thankful and excited for this opportunity.



GIVE ONLINE: Please go to and click the “donate” in the upper right-hand corner. You can set up a recurring gift or a one-time donation.

GIVE VIA CHECK: You may also send checks made out to Orphanos at their secure mailing address: PO Box 1057, Cordova, TN 38088-1057. Please add a note indicating it is for Point Honduras.

SPONSOR A CHILD: For $45 monthly you can provide a child: tutoring, medical care, daily food nutrition, and, most importantly, learning and hearing about Jesus. Once you click on the "Sponsor Today" button in, you will be guided through prompts. If you have any questions, email Kari Smith at

CONSIDER A MONTHLY GIFT OR A ONE-TIME GIFT: If you cannot make a monthly or annual pledge...would you consider a special gift to help us meet our budget?

MOST IMPORTANTLY....PRAY! Please join us in praying for POINT children, Dr. Ivan and his staff, new donors, and for Honduras.


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