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At POINT Honduras, your donation is used wisely to help children, families, and communities in Honduras. Your donation will speak of God's love and hope to the population we work with and allow us to meet their needs. Take a look at the options below to see what you can give to POINT HONDURAS.
If you have any questions, please reach out.


In Honduras, 1.1 million children from ages 3-17 are currently not enrolled in school.  Many end up dropping out because their families can't afford school supplies, uniforms, or backpacks. With a donation of $50 you can help us provide a backpack, uniform, shoes, and supplies for a child. 



In Honduras, nearly 63% of the population lives below the national poverty line. Nearly one in four children are stunted or chronically malnourished. With $50, you can donate a family a tub of love, which is a tub filled with food and necessities that depending on the size of the family, can last for 3-4 weeks. 



It is estimated that 18% of the population (more than 1.5 million Hondurans) do not have access to health services. Our POINT clinics are providing much-needed care in our communities. Your support allows us to provide access to vulnerable groups and give them the gift of health. For $300, you can help us get one month of medical supplies. 



In Honduras, over 90,000 are children living with chronic malnutrition. This continues to be a problem due to the scarce availability of food, inadequate nutritional practices, and diseases' repercussions. POINT Honduras feeds 700 children daily; for many of these kids, this is their only full meal for the day. Your support allows us to continue serving children and making a difference in their lives.  



Are you thinking about giving something else? Take a look at our wishlist and see if you would like to gift any of the following items to POINT HONDURAS. Thank you for your support!

  • $25 Classroom Board Games

  • $35 Lifetime chairs 

  • $75 Dining Room Tables

  • $250 Whiteboards

  • $100 Teacher supplies (per teacher)

  • $1,100  AC Unit

  • $1,500  Administrative office furniture

  • $2,250  1300 Watts Power Plant

  • $1,000  Projector & Screen

  • $1,000  Sound systems

Not sure where to give? Give towards our General Fund. This fund is used to provide for various unexpected needs –  materials, building repairs, emergencies, and equipment. 
Does your company offer gift matching? Do you have non-cash items you would like to donate? Or, have you thought about how other ways to donate? Let us know. The need is big and all the support we can get makes a difference and changes lives. If interested please contact
Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Honduras while caring for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged of society.



Teaching and Training, providing resources for opportunities to learn and grow both to children and teachers


Providing Healthcare and meeting the basic medical needs of children and families


Giving a warm nutritious meal daily to a hungry child


Sharing the Good News of The Gospel

It is difficult finding a mission to support that you are confident uses your donation appropriately and is more than a temporary, drop-in effort.

Point Honduras is uniquely positioned with 4 locations and over 20 years of experience We have the infrastructure to effect real change in Tegucigalpa, the capital of the country in the center of Central America.


1.  Sponsor a Child

For $38 you, your church or VBS can sponsor a child!

  • We have over 500 children that need a sponsor

  • Your sponsorship includes a daily meal & medical care

2.  Visit Us

Here's how you can serve with us in Honduras

  • Small groups (get your friends to go with you)

  • Church groups

  • Medical teams

  • Current/Future Donor 3-4 Day visits

3.  Pray

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  • Our Staff

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  • Gospel Transformation

4.  Give

Donate to help provide for the children in Point Honduras programs.

  • Our full-time, native Honduran staff is impacting the children and families in Tegu for generations to come because of people like you.

We can't do this without you!


The more supporters we have,
the greater the impact of this mission.
Point Honduras

Bringing Hope, Changing the world, Through the hearts of children.


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